A Story of “Unfarming” in Western Wisconsin

This blog tells the story of the old farm we bought in 2000, and the adventures we've had living here.  We call it "the farm", but actually we've spent the last 9 years "unfarming" it - trying to bring back the prairies and savannas that were here before it was farmed.  To get a tour of the farm, and some of the projects we're working on, click on the photo:

Farm Tour

To read about the most recent happenings, click on the 'Journal' category on the right side of this page, or click HERE.   For specific topics, look at the index down the side of the page.

I've been compiling an inventory of all the plants and animals we've seen here at the farm.  It's continually changing as we live here longer, see more creatures, and learn more about them.  Look for the current inventory at the right side of this page, or click HERE.

I hope you enjoy the tour and the stories.

I have two other web sites:

Buglifecycles.com - to document and learn about insect life cycles


MothLists.com - links to lists (with photos) of moths in different parts of the world

The latest news is about the arrival of an industry that poses a huge threat to Buffalo County's beautiful bluff prairies: Frac Sand Mining.  I've done a few blog posts about the issue, and its implications for our area.  Here's the site Mike built, and several of us have been working on to explore the issues and share information about Frac Sand Mining in our county.

Marcie O'Connor
Buffalo County, Wisconsin

Current Favorite Photo

12/1/2013  Bald Eagle on Indian Grass Point.   We noticed this bird just after we had finished our clearing project on top of the point.  It sat there while I took photos, and while we drove down the hill.  It was still there when we got to the bottom, gazing calmly out over Center Valley.

eagle 12-1-13


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