Hypena madefactalis – Gray-edged Snout

Hodges # 8447

Caterpillar foods:  black walnut and butternut (Bugguide)

9/2/2011 Found this caterpillar on Black Walnut leaves




9/19/2011  This caterpillar had pupated

9/19/2011  Another caterpillar – also on walnut


9/22/2011 Second caterpillar making a silk cage at the bottom of a plastic container



The pupae were kept outside, in a clay flowerpot buried in the ground up to the rim, and covered with a clay saucer.  Removed from the ground at the end of March 2012, and pupae placed in a jar.

5/16/2012  One pupa hatched – a male

5/18/2012  Female – came to lights



Hypena madefactalis 6-9-12 1

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