Amblyscirtes vialis – Common Roadside Skipper

According to Mike Reese, Common Roadside Skippers are not really very common in Wisconsin.

Caterpillar foods:  grasses  (Wagner)



9/12/2011  I found this caterpillar on a grass leaf near our garage




9/15/2011  closeup of the head


9/16/11  Caterpillar rolled up in a non-grass leaf


The rolled up leaf was kept outside over the winter.  I wrapped it in a piece of paper towel and put it in a clay flowerpot, buried in the ground up to the rim, and covered with a clay saucer.  I took the pot out of the ground at the end of March 2012, and put the rolled leaf in a jar.

5/23/2012  The butterfly hatched.


5/24/2012  Here’s the rolled up leaf containing the pupa after the butterfly had hatched out

5/24/2012  And this is the inside of the rolled leaf, showing the pupa

Here are a few more photos of adults.


Common Roadside Skipper 5-28-14 1



common roadside skipper 5-22-08 1



common roadside skipper 8-4-08 1 farm

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