Speyeria cybele – Great Spangled Fritillary

Caterpillar foods: violets

great spangled fritillary  6-12-10 1



great spangled fritillary 4



Great spangled fritillary 7-8-13 1



great spangled fritillary 7-08


7/10/2014  mated pair

Great Spangled Fritillary pair 7-10-14 1 1

I don’t see Fritillary caterpillars very often.  They tend to eat at night and rest during the day, and they stay close to the ground, under the violet leaves.

5/9/2006  found on a nearby prairie

great spangled fritillary caterpillar


4/22/2012 – found on our land

I put it in a cage with a few violet plants.

5/3/12  It spent the days mostly on the dirt below the plants.


5/3/2012  It was quite active – even during the day.  It did eat a bit in the daytime, and crawled around its cage a lot.


5/16/2012  newly formed chrysalis


6/7/2012  Newly emerged butterfly with the empty chrysalis


6/7/2012  Newly emerged butterfly


6/7/2012  the empty chrysalis