Moths from Catherine and Steve’s Visit – August 4, 2013

We did do a few other things besides moths.  We took the “Three Bench Walk” – up to the top of the bluff, and through our largest prairies – about 4 miles.

Catherine and Steve on the bench at Big View Prairie

Steve and Catherine 8-4-13 2


The Knife Edge bench



Taking photos in the Cat’s Paw Prairie

Mike and Catherine 8-4-13


Looking across Western Prairie

western prairie 8-4-13


We put up the lights that night, and attracted lots of moths, and a few other creatures.

This is a caddisfly – probably in the genus  Nectopsyche.  Adult caddisflies have wedge-shaped wings and very long antennae.  They’re very common at my lights.

Nectopsyche sp.  Caddisfly 8-4-13


And a small grasshopper




Here are the moths.  I’ve labeled them with common names – to see the scientific names, hover your mouse over the photos.  Click on a picture to see the larger version.