Golden Eagle Prairie

This is a good sized remnant prairie on a very steep south-facing bluff.  The owners have been working hard to clear brush and invaders, and they burned it in the spring of 2009.  It’s very steep – probably the reason it’s in such good shape.   It would be difficult to graze cattle on slope like this.

More views of the prairie

This part of the slope has Prairie Dropseed, Gray Goldenrod, and Sky Blue Aster.

The view looking west from the prairie

And another perspective – views of Golden Eagle Prairie from the road below.

I made a list of the plants I saw – not at all complete.  I’m hoping to go back in the spring and see more species.

Amorpha canescens – Leadplant
Andropogon gerardii – Big Bluestem
Artemisia campestris – Wormwood
Asclepias syriaca – Common Milkweed
Aster ericoides – Heath Aster
Aster oblongifolius – Aromatic Aster
Aster oolentangiensis – Sky Blue Aster
Aster sericeus – Silky Aster
Bouteloua curtipendula – Side-oats Grama
Bouteloua hirsuta – Hairy Grama
Campanula rotundifolia – Harebell
Castilleja sessiliflora – Downy Yellow Painted Cup
Commandra umbellata – Bastard Toadflax
Coreopsis palmata – Prairie Coreopsis
Dalea purpurea – Purple Prairie Clover
Euphorbia corollata – Flowering Spurge
Gnaphalium obtusifolium – Sweet Everlasting
Hedeoma hispida – Rough False Pennyroyal
Helianthus occidentalis – Western Sunflower
Liatris cylindracea – Cylindrical Blazing Star
Linum sulcatum – Yellow Flax
Lithospermum canescens – Hoary Puccoon
Lithospermum incisum – Fringed Puccoon
Muhlenbergia cuspidata – Prairie Satin Grass
Prunus pumila – Sand Cherry
Schizachyrium scoparium – Little Bluestem
Scutellaria parvula – Small Skullcap
Solidago canadensis – Canada Goldenrod
Solidago nemoralis – Gray Goldenrod
Sorghastrum nutans – Indian Grass
Spiranthes magnicamporum – Great Plains Ladies Tresses
Sporobolus heterolepis – Prairie Dropseed
Viola pedata – Birdfoot Violet